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st: Looping graph and changing title

From   "Jorge Morgenstern" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Looping graph and changing title
Date   Tue, 23 Aug 2005 20:06:12 -0300


I'm having a similar (but not exactly equal) problem to the one Rafa Hoyos had a few days ago, but the resolution doesn't apply to me. I want a graph for each category (each country) in my dataset. I then generate the variable series and loop up to its maximum.
What's really odd it's that, if I disable the twoway command, the list of countries displays correctly. If I enable it, only the first country is displayed, and only the first graph shows the title. The rest of the iterations generate an empty display line and an empty titled graph.
Regards, thanks for helping.

egen series=group(country_codeifs)
quietly tab series
local cant=r(r)
forval x=1/`cant' {
local c= trim(country_name[r(N)/r(r)*`x']) *****this inputs the first record of each category to the title variable
noi di " `c' "
twoway (line exp_lblended mktdate if series==`x') , title(" `c' ")

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