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Re: st: GLLAMM question

Subject   Re: st: GLLAMM question
Date   Fri, 19 Aug 2005 17:00:42 +0100

the option eqs defines the factor loading for your random factors. The 
first loading is by default set to one. If you don't want the default, you 
specify the frload option. Exactly how to specify the model will depend on 
exactly what you want, so if you give more detail, I may be able to give 
more help. 

"Hochman, Tsivia" <> 
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19/08/2005 16:37
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st: GLLAMM question

I'm running a 2-level model using gllamm.  For the level 1 variables 
(fixed effects), STATA produces coefficient estimates, standard errors and 
p-values.  However, STATA only produces variance and covariance estimates 
for the level 2 variables (random effects).  Is it possible to obtain 
coefficients estimates and p-values for the random effect component of 
this model?  HLM6 generates such output.

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