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Re: st: A Word to Future Authors

From   Raphael Fraser <>
Subject   Re: st: A Word to Future Authors
Date   Thu, 11 Aug 2005 10:04:57 -0500

I think "Data Analysis using Stata" is an excellent text. And Kohler's
response is a reasonable one. Though I wish he would say the next
edition will have exercises. I also knew that your book had no
exercises from the beginning. But I kept asking myself why can't we
have problems in our intro books? Which lead to the original thread.

That said, I believe there is a real need for a standard INTRODUCTORY
text with exercises in Stata or an improvement in existing ones. Let
me explain what I mean by introductory. This book would run along the
lines of the aforementioned book with the sole objective of learning
Stata; how to manipulate data, working with dates, functions, intro
programming etc. No statistical concepts would be included. Similar to
chapters 1-7,10 and 11 of  "Data Analysis using Stata" (see below). In
such a text it is the concepts borne out by the exercises that would
be of interest regardless of the discipline. Any person interesting in
learning Stata would be interested in such a book. And could be useful
as a reference book or act as supplementary material to some course.
Any course really.

This is my humble opinion an ideal intro text.

1 "The first time"

    1.1 Starting Stata 
    1.2 Setting up your screen 
    1.3 Your first analysis 
    1.4 Do-files 
    1.5 Exiting Stata 

2 Working with do-files
3 The grammar of Stata

4 Some general comments on the statistical commands

5 Creating and changing variables

6 Creating and changing graphs

7 Describing and comparing distributions

10 Reading and writing data

11 Do-files for advanced users and user-written programs


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