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Re: st: A Word to Future Authors

From   n j cox <>
Subject   Re: st: A Word to Future Authors
Date   Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:26:13 +0100

I think there have been more than you imply, but
more importantly sense that quite a few are imminent.
What's more, many people have written their own short
books or lecture material and also put them in the public
domain. For your students that material is pretty well

Note that the StataCorp website carries a very full list
and that the Stata Journal tries to carry reviews of all
books strongly related to Stata. (I'm not sure how long
we can keep that up.)

That said, you may well find long term that the only
way to find a book optimal for your course is to
write it yourself.

Raphael Fraser

Well perhaps we need more specialized INTRODUCTORY Stata books out
there. Geared towards individual disciplines (biostatistics, social
sciences etc.). I am also perplexed that since the existence of Stata
there have only been a handful of intro books in the entire inhabited
earth. This is a plea to authors for more intro books with useful and
meaningful exercises.

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