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st: svy regress Stata 9 vs Stata 8

From   Robert Duval <>
Subject   st: svy regress Stata 9 vs Stata 8
Date   Sat, 6 Aug 2005 20:46:17 -0400

Dear all,

I recently started working with Stata9 and while using svy: regress I
noticed it runned slower than it's counterpart (svyregress) in Stata8.
 Also the decimals reported in the standard errors differ slightly
across versions.

Could anybody explain to me what's going on?

The speed issue is not related to the hardware i'm working on. The
machine i'm using is highly efficient (school's property) and when I
do the analysis with version control (8.2) the output is generated
much faster (45 secs on Stata9 vs. 7 secs. on Stata8).

Also why should there be any change in the reported se's? I mean, is
this an upgrade in accuracy? Shouldn't the linearized s.e. reported
under Stata9 be the same as the one reported on previous versions?

thanks for any clarification,


ps. my data is a clustered stratified sampling with around 150k obs.

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