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Re: st: Stata 9: first impressions?

From   Massimo Bovenzi <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata 9: first impressions?
Date   Thu, 05 May 2005 12:05:01 +0200

Just requested help to Stata for several troubles I had with Stata 9 immediately after installation:
- no whatsnew (i.e. Stata 9 says there is no help for whatsnew);
- no help for programs installed in ado base or ado updates;
- error when I type "ssc whatsnew" (i.e. command error for ssc);
- several programs do not run (e.g. regression, logit, logistic, etc.);
- driven menu not accessible.

In summary, a despair mainly because I have uninstalled Stata 8 SE that was fantastic.

Best wishes,

Professor Massimo Bovenzi

At 11:53 05-05-05 +0200, you wrote:

Just curious and surprised by the lack of  Stata 9 opinions/reviews-
several small bugs are reported- but how is the new version actually?!

Stata 8 has been great and I eagerly await the arrival of my Stata 9
(it will  probably first arrive in a couple of weeks to this part of
Europe) -  but the  lack of enthusiasm makes me worry a bit-

So please: post your impressions!


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