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Re: st: RE: Version control questions

Subject   Re: st: RE: Version control questions
Date   Fri, 29 Apr 2005 12:12:50 -0500

Nick Cox <> suggested:

> In general, my advice is not to issue a program for 
> a version you don't have yourself, as you then 
> depend on others testing it. 
> In this case, you might try something like this 
> program myprog
> 	version 8.2 
> 	local oktype = cond(`c(version)' < 9, "integer", "real") 
> 	syntax ... , ... Level(`oktype' `c(level)') 

You may also want to look at the new -cilevel- specifier for
-syntax- options.  In Stata 9 type -help syntax- and then search
for "cilevel" (you can search by clicking on the binocular icon
near the upper right corner of the viewer.)

If you do not have Stata 9 (you are sitting by your mailbox
waiting for the delivery or have not yet ordered), you can go to

and use your browsers search ability to find "cilevel" within the

In Stata 9 you say

    syntax ... , ... Level(cilevel) ...

This is better then saying

    syntax ... , ... Level(real `c(level)') ...

because the -cilevel- option directive takes care of checking for
problems such as negative numbers, ...

Ken Higbee
StataCorp     1-800-STATAPC

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