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Re: st: What governs font size in dialogs?

From (Vince Wiggins, StataCorp)
Subject   Re: st: What governs font size in dialogs?
Date   Thu, 21 Apr 2005 09:57:01 -0500

Roger Newson <> wants demonstrate dialog boxes in an
upcoming talk at the 11th UK Stata User Meeting and asks,

> I am trying to find out what governs the font size used in Stata 8
> dialogs, especially under Windows 2000 (under which I work). [...]

Roger is right that, "Stata dialogs under Windows take orders directly from
Windows", and if you want to write a GUI application under Windows there is
really no choice in this.  What's more, Windows offers no ability to change
the font size of text in Dialog boxes.  (I would love to be corrected on this
and learn that there is something I have overlooked.)

Roger wants to use fonts that are large and legible when projected, and I have
wanted this to.  I am not a Windows expert, but I consulted with several
people who are and the options are limited.  In fact, I know of only two.

        1) Use a zooming tool to enlarge parts of your screen and thereby
           produce effectively larger fonts.  Windows ships with one such
           tool, ostensibly to assist the vision impaired.  I believe that
           there are other 3rd-party tools.  I found this approach difficult
           to apply for demonstrations.

	2)  Change your screen resolution to be very low, say 600x800.  This
	    means you have fewer, but larger pixels, and the dialog fonts are
	    effectively larger.  For me, this approach worked reasonably well.

            To change your resolution, right-click on any empty portion of you
            screen and select "Properties".  Then, select the "Settings" tab,
            then adjust the slider of "Screen resolution".  With less screen
            real estate Windows will be forced to change some of the default
            window positions and even window sizes of your applications, and
            these changes will "stick" when you switch back to higher
            resolution.  I found this annoying enough, that I simply created a
            second user account specifically for giving talks that use

Roger, if you found the dialogs I projected at the 10th UK meeting large
enough, this was the trick I used.

-- Vince

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