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st: RE: re: inclusion of EPS in pdflatex documents

From   Erik Sørensen <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: re: inclusion of EPS in pdflatex documents
Date   Sat, 2 Apr 2005 04:50:01 +0200

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From: on behalf of Kit Baum
Subject: st: re: inclusion of EPS in pdflatex documents

> I use pdflatex (driven by  TeXShop on OS X) routinely 
> with eps files as the only form of graphical 
> input.

It would be interesting to see an example of how this works.
The Stata Journal website says: " For compatibility 
with sjlatex and TeXShop, you must enable the 
Typeset -> TeX and Ghostscript mode." Yet you claim that 
this is not neccessary and that pdflatex works directly with eps 
figures if epsfig is invoked. 

I have written this minimal example:


latex and dvips works ok on this. Pdflatex fails 
miserably. Could you confirm that a similar 
example works from the command prompt with 
pdflatex at your machine (and that TeXShop 
does not use ghostscript in the background)? 

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, the latex version
of Ghostscript solved my problems.

Best regards,

Erik Ø. Sørensen, dept of Econ., Norwegian School of Economics
phone: (+47) 55959985 [office], <>


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