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st: re: inclusion of EPS in pdflatex documents

From   Ian Watson <>
Subject   st: re: inclusion of EPS in pdflatex documents
Date   Sat, 2 Apr 2005 12:52:35 +1000

Tze Kwang Teo wrote:

> I have been encountering the same problem while using Adobe Acrobat
> Distiller to convert EPS graphics from Stata into PDF. The problem is 
> that after conversion, I view the resultant PDF and the graph is always 
> "embedded" in a 8.5in by 11in "canvas" even though the graph is several 
> sizes smaller than letterpaper size. In other words a lot of 
> white-space is created that should not be part of the graph.
> I have been attempting EPS -> PDF conversion because for a variety of 
> reasons I need to use the pdfLaTeX driver (I typeset in LaTeX) ...

and Kit Baum replied in part:

>  I use pdflatex (driven by
> TeXShop on OS X) routinely with eps files as the only form of graphical 
> input.
> % Encapsulated PostScript figures
> \usepackage{epsfig}

While Kit's approach works fine for B&W graphs, I have found problems
in getting good colour graphs into LaTeX (without them being
bitmapped). The solution was suggested on this list some time ago and I
have been using the solution for several months with very good
results. I now use it all the time for both B&W and colour graphs.

Basically, the answer lies in a little ado program (-grexportpdf-)
written by Philippe Van Kerm and kindly provided to the list. His code
for - grexportpdf- (modified for the correct path names to your latex
installation and with erasing the eps file turned off) is shown below:

*! grexportpdf 1.0, Ph. Van Kerm, Aug-2003
* grexportpdf using path/filename

cap pr drop grexportpdf
pr def grexportpdf
     version 8
     syntax using /
     loc using=subinstr("`using'",".pdf","",.)
     gr export "`using'.eps", replace
     winexec c:\texmf\miktex\bin\epstopdf "`using'.eps"
*     erase "`using'.eps"

The steps for using it are simple:

Stata commands to create and save your own graph


gr use mygraph.gph
grexportpdf using c:\data\report\mygraph

or wherever you want to send it.

This creates the mygraph.pdf file for inclusion in LaTeX using:

\includegraphics[width=.75\linewidth,trim= 0 -10 0 -10]{mygraph}

with settings which can be tweaked to get the best distance between
Figure headings and captions etc.

Make sure you have a


line in your LaTeX preamble.

Kind regards, 

Ian Watson
Senior Researcher
acirrt, University of Sydney
NSW, 2006, Australia

phone: 02 9351 5622

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