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st: labels for x-axis of graph

From   daphna <>
Subject   st: labels for x-axis of graph
Date   Sat, 19 Feb 2005 00:47:26 -0800


I could really use some help with my labels for a bar graph.

Basically I am graphing income over a categorical variable that takes on four values.

. graph bar (mean) w3_earninc2, over(w3_empl_stat, relabel(1 "NO Welfare: Working" 2 "NOWelfare: Not Working" 3 "Welfare: Not Working" 4 "Welfare: Working") )

this works fine except that my labels for each column are too clunky and are running into each other.

How can I change their size or make each label appear on two lines instead of one.

I would really appreciate some advice.

Thank you,


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