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RE: st: RE: Simulation question (now: equation solving problem)

Subject   RE: st: RE: Simulation question (now: equation solving problem)
Date   Thu, 3 Feb 2005 14:53:22 -0500

Dear all,

Your're right. It's a matter of convention.
I've been thought in school of "independent" and "dependent" variables.
As long as I know what is what, it is not a big issue to me.

Coming back to my initial problem, I think I want to solve something like:

aX + bY + cZ = d

where a, b, c are coefficients issues from the regression (my "betas" if I can
say so) and X, Y, Z are vectors of observations (in my case POP and INVEST).

d is equal to 2, if I stick to my previous problem of doubling my GDP.

Is there a way to solve such an equation in stata?

Best regards.


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One convention that I like, is that if a variable is set by design in a
prospective study, it is "independent". If a variable is observed and is the
measure upon which one desires to do statistical inference, it is a
"dependent variable". If is observed or measured in conjuntion with the
dependent variable, but is not a "dependent" variable it is a "covariate".

Al Feiveson

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Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2005 11:05 AM
Subject: RE: st: RE: Simulation question

I, too, like terminology such as response/predictor/covariate.  But we
usually use "outcome" in place of "response".

Then we often analyze family economic data, and we find ourselves in the
paradoxical situation where our outcome is income.

-- David

At 08:46 AM 2/3/2005 -0800, John Wallace wrote:
>I too prefer the response/predictor/covariate terminology.  Sometimes
>someone will ask if "response" means "independent" - that's as much
>conflict as I've ever encountered over it.  I like terms that sort of
>have their definitions built into them.

David Kantor
Institute for Policy Studies
Johns Hopkins University
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