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Re: st: Re: further version questions

From   n j cox <>
Subject   Re: st: Re: further version questions
Date   Thu, 30 Sep 2004 13:10:38 +0100

Kit Baum replied to Stas Kolenikov:

I just had a private exchange this week with Rich Goldstein, who was bitten by this issue of having a copy of a routine in a directory that occluded the file downloaded by -net install-. This has nothing to do with whether you're accessing -gllamm- from Sophia's website, nor from ssc where it is mirrored: it has to do with what is on your machine. StataCorp decided that it would be useful (and indeed it is) to allow, say, an ado in PERSONAL to occlude one in PLUS. For testing, that is great. But it means that you have to understand the -adopath- concept.

I don't have much hope for your 'requires' concept, since it would depend on user programmers faithfully including and updating that info. Not all include revision codes in their routines (I have to push sometimes to get a -version- statement, without which I cannot categorize the routine in SSC). I think a more useful tool (which Nick can write in two shakes of a lamb's tail) would be a 'whereis' that would do the equivalent of -which- over the entire adopath: that is, in order of the current -adopath-, search for each instance of an ado and report its first lines. That would at least make it easy to see that you have multiple copies of a given ado on a machine.

>>> Thanks for the compliment. I can indeed tell you how to do this:

. which foo, all


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