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RE: st: Stata vs. SPSS

From   tmmanini <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   RE: st: Stata vs. SPSS
Date   Mon, 6 Sep 2004 22:55:11 -0400


I am also a Mac user and I currently have STATA and have not experienced 
problems in the OS X 
environment.  The only problem that you'll have is when importing a file via 
ODBC, described below.

" ODBC, an acronym for Open DataBase Connectivity, is a standardized set of 
function calls that can be 
used to access data stored in both relational and nonrelational database 
management systems.  
Currently, Stata's odbc command is only available for Windows."

Sorry I can't really comment on the difference in SPSS and STATA.

Good luck

>===== Original Message From Bill Oetjen <> =====
>Hello Folks,
>I'm a new subscriber and have an urgent question:
>When buying books for my Intro to Educational Research course at my
>university, I noticed that the required software was SPSS.  It was only
>available in windows platform.  As an exclusive Mac user, that kind of
>leaves me out of the loop.
>I noticed that Stata does a good job in OS X.
>Can anyone comment on major differences between Stata and SPSS?
>Thanks in advance,
>Bill Oetjen
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