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st: question on GLLAMM

From   lm0542 <>
Subject   st: question on GLLAMM
Date   Wed, 18 Aug 2004 08:04:39 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Stata Experts,
I would like to estimate a model of occupational
choice of university graduates, taking as endogenous
each of the following 3 sequential decision nodes:
1) choice of university course (polychotomous variable
with 1 to K groups, e.g. economics, law, humanities
2) choice on labour market participation (binary
variable: 1 = employed, 0 = non employed)
3) choice of occupation (polychotomous variable with 1
to J groups, e.g. craft, menial, blue-collar, white
collar workers etc.)
I was thinking to use GLLAMM for this purpose but
since I'm new to the program I'm not sure whether it
might be suitable. 
Thank you very much in advance for any suggestion.
I apologize if my, probably overly general, question
bothered you. 
kind regards

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