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st: data manipulation help

From   yumin sheng <>
Subject   st: data manipulation help
Date   Thu, 12 Aug 2004 16:34:50 -0700 (PDT)

Dear all, 

I have been trying to save data from World Development
Indicators (WDI, online) into a cross-section
time-series format. The original data look like the

Country	Variable Name	1960	1961		2002
Afghanistan	Aid	X	X		X
Afghanistan	Population	X	X	X 
Afghanistan	Wage	X	X		X
Albania	 Aid		X	X        	X
Albania	Population	X	X		X
Albania	Wage	X	X		X

The ideal format I would like to have would be:

Country	Aid	Population			Wage
Afghanistan	1960	X	X		X
Afghanistan	1961	X	X		X
Afghanistan	2002	X	X		X
Albania	1960	X	X		X
Albania	1961	X	X		X
Albania	2002	X	X		X
China	1960	X	X		X
China	1961	X	X		X
China	2002	X	X		X

The problem is that some countries have data on more
variables than do other countries. Any kindly
suggestion on how to execute the data manipulation
trick in stata or on how to save WDI online properly
would be tremendously appreciated. Many thanks!


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