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st: RE: message?

From   "Jacob, Jeffry Ankur" <>
To   "Christopher F Baum" <>, <>
Subject   st: RE: message?
Date   Fri, 28 May 2004 10:57:14 -0500

Hi Christopher,
The following is the message which I sent. I wonder how the junk message was delivered. And this is what I recieved in my inbox too, from statalist. Best,

	Hi Kit,
	Thanks for your information. EconPapers is the easiest route for the save as otion to work. I will also try to figure out the proxy server settings with the system administrator. 
	What I also had in mind with the zip option was the way software is stored in the stb site with the .toc and a .pkg file. 
	The best way to download stuff is through stata itself and in this regard I do agree that RepEc and Econpapers the most accessible in their current form.
	-----Original Message----- 
	From: on behalf of Kit Baum 
	Sent: Fri 28-May-04 9:58 AM 
	Subject: st: unable to install patches

		Jeffrey said
		Probably RepEc can provide the bundle as a zipped files, for instance
		all the relevant files of a particular routine-.hlp, ado, .do and data
		can be commprssed into a single file which the users can save and the
		unzip them in the ado path directories. This can potentially maximise
		the use of RepEc's excellent software archive.
		There is surely NO intention nor willingness to do that; it would
		vastly complicate the maintenance of the SSC Archive, and lead to
		unending hassles with ensuring that the latest version of materials is
		stored in the zip files. There is no reason why one should not be able
		to use Stata's ssc command to download materials. There are features in
		Stata that allow the use of proxy servers (I had to use one at a UK uni
		last year in order to get ssc to work) and since Stata is merely
		issuing requests on port 80, the standard HTTP port, there is no reason
		why any browser should work on a machine yet Stata will not. The way to
		solve this problem is first of all to figure out why Stata cannot "see"
		port 80, yet a browser on the same machine can; that is not an
		insoluble firewall issue. See
		Secondly, I would suggest use (as in one of my prior postings) of a
		utility like 'curl' or 'wget'. There must be something like that for
		the world's most commonly used OS.
		Third, I would suggest use of the EconPapers site to download
		materials, from which you can right-click or option-click.
		And if the latter solution is overly tedious for a SSC item with many
		parts, return to (1) and get the firewall issue sorted out. It is
		possible to do so.
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	iginal Message----- 
	From: Christopher F Baum [] 
	Sent: Fri 28-May-04 10:42 AM 
	To: Jacob, Jeffry Ankur 
	Subject: message?
	Dear Jeffrey, 
	I'd like to know what you said, but your message 

	is rather incomprehensible....Per the Statalist FAQ, please do not post WinJunk to the Statalist! 
	Your message is preserved for posterity as: 


	Kit Baum 

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