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Re: st: unable to install...right click

From   "Mark Schaffer" <>
Subject   Re: st: unable to install...right click
Date   Fri, 28 May 2004 16:17:05 +0100

Kit wrote:

From:           	Kit Baum <>
Subject:        	st: unable to install...right click
Date sent:      	Fri, 28 May 2004 15:49:14 +0100
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> John wrote
> I am interested in the inability to execute the 
> "right-click-and-save-as"
> option; as from my previous post, that is what I have to do all the 
> time due
> to the #$%^*&#@ firewall.
> I am using bog-standard Internet Explorer (V6) without any problems  
> with
> the "right-click-and-save-as" option. Is this a function of browsers or
> what?
> First of all, a "right click" would seem to imply a multi-button mouse. 
> There are those who use single-button mice who do not have such 
> options.
> Second, there is no download of these materials from "RePEc". The RePEc 
> database is accessible from several services, and each one will support 
> a slightly different interface in a web browser. At IDEAS 
> (, there is a radio button + download button 
> that initiates a download (and runs a script), so there can be no 
> right-clicking (whatever that means).
> At EconPapers, there is a link to each downloadable item. If I 
> option-click on a link in my browser (Safari) it downloads the item 
> rather than displaying it in a window.

I can confirm that IE6 allows a "right-click-and-download" from 
EconPapers. The webpage for ivreg2, for example,

has "right-clickable" links to the components, as opposed to the 
RePEc download buttons.

...So the answer for those who are stuck behind an overzealous 
firewall and need to install a Stata module by hand is to do it via 
EconPapers (and not RePEc, as I had suggested),, and to download directly rather than open 
the .ado and .hlp files in their browsers.

There, that was easy!


> So the confusion regarding what can and cannot be done is perhaps not 
> so much mouse- nor browser-specific as RePEc-service-specific. 
> EconPapers is more amenable to the 'download this item' strategy than 
> is IDEAS. Both services have the same content in terms of SSC items 
> (give or take one day's changes, since they refresh at different 
> times).
> Kit Baum
> SSC archive maintainer
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