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st: unable to install...right click

From   Kit Baum <>
Subject   st: unable to install...right click
Date   Fri, 28 May 2004 15:49:14 +0100

John wrote

I am interested in the inability to execute the "right-click-and-save-as"
option; as from my previous post, that is what I have to do all the time due
to the #$%^*&#@ firewall.

I am using bog-standard Internet Explorer (V6) without any problems with
the "right-click-and-save-as" option. Is this a function of browsers or

First of all, a "right click" would seem to imply a multi-button mouse. There are those who use single-button mice who do not have such options.

Second, there is no download of these materials from "RePEc". The RePEc database is accessible from several services, and each one will support a slightly different interface in a web browser. At IDEAS (, there is a radio button + download button that initiates a download (and runs a script), so there can be no right-clicking (whatever that means).
At EconPapers, there is a link to each downloadable item. If I option-click on a link in my browser (Safari) it downloads the item rather than displaying it in a window.

So the confusion regarding what can and cannot be done is perhaps not so much mouse- nor browser-specific as RePEc-service-specific. EconPapers is more amenable to the 'download this item' strategy than is IDEAS. Both services have the same content in terms of SSC items (give or take one day's changes, since they refresh at different times).

Kit Baum
SSC archive maintainer

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