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st: Declaring Time Series Problems

To   STATA list <>
Subject   st: Declaring Time Series Problems
Date   Fri, 21 May 2004 15:55:47 -0500

I am having a lot of difficulty declaring my monthly dataset to be time series
(specifically a panel).  I also have an annual time series that I declared
without a problem.  

The annual data looks something like this
countrycode  year
1                 1960
1                 1961
1                 1962
2                  1960 
2                  1961
2                  1962 etc...

tsset countrycode year, yearly

and it worked fine

But my monthly data:
c_code  year
1                 1960.01
1                 1960.02
1                 1960.03
2                  1960.01 
2                  1960.02
2                  1960.03 etc...

I have been able to convert it to string , take a substring and create a
variable called paneldate by doing the following:
generate year = real(substr(date,1,4))
generate month = real(substr(date,6,2))
generate paneldate = ym(year,month)
format paneldate %tm

So my data now looks like this:
c_code    paneldate
1           1960m1 
1           1960m2
1           1960m3
2           1960m1
2            1960m2
2            1960m3 etc..  (It shows up in the editor as 1960m1, but its value
is 0)

When I try to:
tsset c_code paneldate, monthly

I continue getting an error message saying "repeated time values within panel". 
I can't seem to figure this out.  Other than the fact that it is monthly data,
it looks exactly like my annual data that was successful.

Any help would be appreciated,

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