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st: graph matrix bug

From   "Andrzej Tomaszewski" <>
Subject   st: graph matrix bug
Date   Fri, 21 May 2004 11:07:54 +0200

Dear all,

I found that graph matrix reports error when it is run with some variables (I have noticed it only with integer variables), and then all is working after generating new variable equal to the troublesome one (with the same or different data type).
I have reported the bug on the Stata Users Meeting in Berlin earlier this year and according to his answer I've sent an e-mail to Alan Riley at StataCorp, but I haven't got any answer to that one.
I hoped that it will be dealt with in the next large update, but in the update of 18 May 2004 (admittedly large and very useful for me) the problem is persistent.
Please find below the code with use of exemplary dataset based on "Regression analysis by example" by S. Chatterjee, A.S. Hadi and B. Price.

Best regards,
Andrzej Tomaszewski


. use, clear

. d y x1 x2

storage display value
variable name type format label variable label
y int %8.0g Y
x1 int %8.0g X1
x2 int %8.0g X2

. graph matrix y x1 x2
invalid syntax
invalid syntax
invalid syntax

. gen int y1=y

. graph matrix y1 x1 x2
<beautiful graph - AT>
. gen float y2=y

. graph matrix y2 x1 x2
<again beautiful graph - AT>
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