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Re: st: Stata output in prosper (LaTeX presentation)

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata output in prosper (LaTeX presentation)
Date   Mon, 17 May 2004 13:07:49 +0100

At 16:14 16/05/04 -0700, Sophia wrote:
I am trying to include Stata output in a presentation
produced using the LaTeX class prosper. The output
was created using -sjlog- and I am using the Stata
package stata.sty with the LaTeX environment stlog.

The problem is that the horizontal lines around
regression tables (produced using \HLI ) are magnified
so much that they wrap over to the next line.
I can manipulate the size of the fonts but not the
size of the horizontal (and vertical) lines.

Does anyone know any way around this? Ideally, it
would be good to be able to scale the whole output
(font sizes and line lengths/thicknesses) by some

By the way, using the slitex class, only the
fonts are magnified while the lines appear
to stay the same as usual.
I do not know much about prosper or slitex, being a seminar.sty user. However, I did have a similar problem under seminar.sty with the -sjlog- environment and its long lines. The best I could manage was to use text Stata logs and to use 2 plain TeX macros \startlisting and \endlisting for verbatim listings, which I used to use in my plain TeX presentations before upgrading to LaTeX, and which spaced the lines by less than the LaTeX verbatim environment. The macro definitions are included below, just in case nobody else can think of a better solution. (The ideal solution might be to have Stata running as part of your presentation.)

Best wishes


% Macros for verbatim listings such as Stata programs and logs
% (which I partially cribbed out of Donald Knuth's The TeX book
% but which still seem to work under seminar.sty)
% Define tt font for verbatim listings
\font\listingtt=cmtt10 at 17.28truept
% Define macros for verbatim listings
\def\uncatcodespecials{\def\do##1{\catcode`##1=12 }\dospecials}
\def\par{\leavevmode\endgraf} \catcode`\`=\active
\obeylines \uncatcodespecials \catcode`\\=0 \obeyspaces
{\obeyspaces\global\let =\ }{\catcode`\`=\active \gdef`{\relax\lq}}
\listingtt \baselineskip=10truept \parskip=0truept \parindent=0truept
% !!!! END OF TeX - CUT HERE

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