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RE: st: RE: automatic documentation for Stata ?

Subject   RE: st: RE: automatic documentation for Stata ?
Date   Mon, 10 May 2004 12:27:01 +0200

Good morning,

It is feasible. And fairly easy with Stata's -file- command and string 
functions. But you will have to define your own standards for adding "meta 
information" to the ADO files (or borrow it from other languages -eg. 
javadoc as you mention), and it is unlikely that you will find 
user-written solutions that exactly fit what you want. 

Adrian Mander's package -makehlp.ado- might be a very good starting point 
though (findit makehlp returns a download site).

I recently did something similar too. My objective was to create a tool to 
avoid the (painstaking IMHO) task of writing SMCL help files --very much 
like the -makehlp- package--. Note that, rather than adding "meta data" in 
the ADO files (as you suggest), I found it more flexible to define a 
simple standard for a "Stata package description sheet": that is simply a 
structured text file containing the material needed to create a 
SMCL-formatted help file: title, description, date, syntax description, 
author(s) name, etc. Then I wrote a parser (a Stata command) that reads 
the "description sheet" file and generates the SMCL-help file (and other 
things such as LaTeX-formatted doc). The most useful feature to this is 
the direct translation of "syntax ..." statements, grabbed from the ADO 

I wrote the parser in Stata (using -file-), but as Nick Cox rightly 
pointed out, it is certainly easier to write such a script in, say, AWK, 
or some other scripting language well-equipped for parsing text files. 
Yet, I preferred to keep everything in the same environment. 

However, please, don't ask for the files! It is still pre-beta, 
under-documented, (likely) bugged, and not robust, so I do not want to 
share it (yet). Time permitting, I will certainly tidy it a bit and make 
it suitable for distribution some day...

Hope this helps


Philippe Van Kerm
  Integrated Research Infrastructure 
           in the Socio-economic Sciences (IRISS)
  BP48, L-4501 Differdange
  G.-D. Luxembourg
  RePEc profile:

st: RE: automatic documentation for Stata ?

  "Nick Cox" <>
  st: RE: automatic documentation for Stata ?
  Fri, 7 May 2004 13:52:23 +0100

I'm not familiar with Javadoc. 

I think it is highly possible. You would need 
to read in a series of files, select the 
relevant stuff, and write to a master file. 
In Stata, you _could_ read in do files 
as string variables, but a better approach 
would probably be based on -file-. 

However, it would be surprising if anyone had 
anticipated your needs by writing some Stata 
code to do precisely this. Also, fond though 
I am of Stata, if this were my problem I would 
use some scripting language (Awk, Perl, Python, 
etc., etc.) or programmable text 
editor to automate this task. 

Iben Fasterholdt
> Is it possible to automatically generate documentation for 
> Stata do-files in
> the same fashion as in for example javadoc?
> Introduction to javadoc, see the link below:
> We would like to be able to write something like the following:
> /*
> * @author (our names)
> * @version (versioninformation)
> * @description (description and usage of the program)
> * @param (program parameters)
> */
> program define ....
> syntax ......
> .
> .
> .
> end
> We would like to have a script that can gather all this 
> information from
> different do-files, to one documentation-file.  Does anyone 
> know of such a
> script / program?

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