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st: Re: Venn Diagram (response from author)

From   Jens Lauritsen - EpiData Association <>
Subject   st: Re: Venn Diagram (response from author)
Date   Fri, 07 May 2004 01:04:20 +0200

During the development of Venn Diagram a number of issues has occurred:
1. The different naming strategies accross operating systems
2. How macro substitution was handled
(and a "sometimes" lack of consistent oneline strategy on my part to solve problems)
3. Reliance on internal commands of Stata which changed by version (as noted on yesterdays replies from statacorp).
4. Inconsistencies due to some users getting the latest from SSC, from my own website (appearing as stata user site) or from STB (now Stata journal).
5. Lack of time on my part to update the routine to latest version.

What is crucial and can be seen from the current line of discussion is the use of "which venn" and a proper separation of issues. I see no point in why a "more" condition should change actual behaviour apart from the fact that the more might come in at different places of the routine.

So what is the consequence of all of this:
a. If someone keeps having problems despite getting the latest version (v2.13) please contact me directly.
b. It can be useful to actually do a "findit xxxxx" (here xxxxx=venndiag ) since sometimes an update is placed in ssc and not as an updated STB (Stata Technical Bulletin).
c. Maybe I should try to find the time to update venndiag to v8.x

I am still searching for someone interested in cooperating in developing an update to venndiag, which would draw the areas such that proportions for various subgroups were showing graphically in accordance with the actual percentages of observations having that attribute.

Kind regards

Jens Lauritsen

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