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re: st: Scheffe, Bonferroni and Sidak tests

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   re: st: Scheffe, Bonferroni and Sidak tests
Date   Mon, 29 Dec 2003 12:30:30 -0500

At 10:32 AM 12/29/2003 -0600, David Airey wrote:
ANOVA in Stata could be improved to at least provide Hsu's, Dunnett's, Tukey's, Scheffe's, and Bonferroni'e methods for multiple comparisons following any ANOVA. No doubt these procedures can be performed with a little programming from the bits and pieces left in memory following ANOVA in Stata, but they currently are not easily available to the non-programming user.
Thanks for the informative response David. SPSS's Oneway command offers several additional options for Posthoc tests, including Dunnett, Tukey and LSD. I often find that SPSS has something built in that Stata does not, but if you look around you can find an ado file that will do what you want. Or, you can write one yourself if you are clever and determined enough.

In psychology, genetics, and neuroscience, multiple test adjustments are taken seriously. I'm surprised to hear you saying this from a sociology background?
I certainly won't claim to speak for all Sociologists here! And my comments may well reflect my own biases or weaknesses. Perhaps other Sociologists can comment on how much they use multiple test adjustments. However, in each of the fields you mention, I bet a lot of the work is experimental. I'm more likely to be running regression analyses with survey data, where the independent variables include a mix of categorical (broken up into dummies) and continuous variables. No reviewer has ever asked me to do anything like a Scheffe test, and perhaps I'm just not paying real close attention when such things get reported in the things I do read. Rich

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