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st: 2-1 matching

From   Michael A Massoglia <>
Subject   st: 2-1 matching
Date   Sat, 20 Dec 2003 14:23:15 CST

I have a problem that I can't figure out, although I think it should be
easy to correct.  I am new to Stata, so please forgive me if this is

   Lets say jail is the treatment and mental health is my final outcome,
 a very simple matching formula would be:

   psmatch2 jail race sex prior crime age, outcome (cesd94)

  (I left out other options)

 So, I am matching on race sex, etc.... to test whether jail has an
 effect on mental health, after matching on the propensity to be in jail.

   I have a treatment group of 124, and a matched sample of 124.  Works
just fine, but now I want to double (or triple or so on) the size of my
matched sample, for example match the 2 closest individuals, to everyone in
jail.   Rather then do a 1-1 match, I want to do a 2-1
match.  I cannot seem to get this to work.
Thank you ,

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