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st: Re: printing resized graphs

From (Alan Riley)
Subject   st: Re: printing resized graphs
Date   Thu, 04 Dec 2003 10:23:47 -0600

Laszlo ( wrote
> in printing a stata graph, i used the "Magnifications (%)" option (graph
> preferences, printer tab) to make it appear bigger on the paper. the problem
> is that the fonts grew disproportionately, leading to captions and titles
> sticking out of (legend etc.) boxes into which they used to fit comfortably.
> it seems to affect all text, whether or not the relative size was changed in
> a command option when creating the graph.
> is there a sure-fire way to magnify a graph and keep all its elements in the
> original proportion, or am i left with exporting into wmf/emf, opening with
> some other application, resizing and printing from there? i would prefer
> printing straight from stata.

It appears that there is a bug with respect to text when using the
overall magnification option in the Graph Preferences Printer tab.
This will be fixed in the next executable update.

The workaround, (and really, the proper way) to make sure you obtain
a graph of the desired size is to use Stata 8's xsize() and ysize()
options on the graph command:

   . scatter mpg weight, xsize(9) ysize(6)

This allows Stata to 'understand' the desired size of the graph and
to create all of the objects that comprise the graph with the correct

The magnifications on the printer tab are done after the fact at the
low-level graph rendering routines, and the higher level of Stata that
understands all of the objects in the graph does not even know about them.

As a note of interest, when we were working on Stata 8, we considered
eliminating the post-graph-creation magnification factors since the
proper way to change the size of a graph (and to make sure Stata
'understands' it) is with the xsize() and ysize() options.  However,
we decided to leave the options in for users that were accustomed to
using them in prior versions of Stata.

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