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st: Multiple kdensity graphs

From   "Joao Pedro W. de Azevedo" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Multiple kdensity graphs
Date   Sat, 29 Nov 2003 13:36:38 -0000


I've been using the routine below for quite sometime to generate multiple
Kdensity graphs. I've been trying to improve it in the last few days, but
I'm having some trouble with my program skills. I would sincerely appreciate

The two main things that I would like to do are:

	1) use tempvar
	2) automaticaly generate a list to the tempvar 

This is an example of this routine, using the stata auto, dataset:

use auto, clear

local cat " foreign"

local var2 " mpg"

local kdensity_settings "epanechnikov nogr"

local scatter_settings "connect(l l)  clwidth(.5 .5 ) msize(.5 .5 )
legend(textfirst cols(2))  ytitle("Kernel Density")"

	quietly tabulate `cat', matrow(valnum)

	local nrows = rowsof(valnum)
   	local first = valnum[1,1]
	local second = valnum[2,1]
	local number "`second'"
	local i = 3
	while `i' <= `nrows' {
		local temp = valnum[`i',1]
		local number "`number' `temp'"
		local i = `i' + 1
	di "`number'"
	local instlist : label `cat' `first'
	foreach c in `number' {
		local tmp : label `cat' `c'
		local instlist "`instlist' `tmp'"
	di "`instlist'"

foreach var in `var2' {
	kdensity  `var' if `cat'==valnum[1,1] , `kdensity_settings'
g(x`var'1 `var'1)
	local varlist  "`var'1" /*this was an attempt to generate a list of
the variables generate by kdensity */
	di `varlist'
	local s1 : word 1 of `instlist'	
	label var `var'1 "Density - `s1'"
		foreach num of numlist 2 {
				kdensity  `var' if `cat'==valnum[`num',1] ,
`kdensity_settings' g(`var'`num') at(x`var'1)
				local s`num' : word `num' of `instlist'	
				local varlist  "`varlist' `var'`num'" /*this
is part of the attempt to generate a list of the
variables generate by kdensity */
				label var `var'`num' "Density - `s`num''"
	di `varlist' /* idealy I would like to use the list `varlist' on my
scatter plot. The probem is that the list that 	I'm generating is only
picking up the first value of the new variable, and the its name. */
	scatter `var'1 `var'2 x`var'1, `scatter_settings' 
	drop `var'1- `var'2

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