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st: bootstrap and kappa

From   BISSERY Alvine <>
Subject   st: bootstrap and kappa
Date   Tue, 25 Nov 2003 11:23:23 +0100

Dear all, 

I have a dataset with 2 radiologists, rating 40 different patients.
I need the Kappa and the IC.
For the IC, I try to get it by bootstrap method.

My dataset is like this:

Sujet	Rad1	Rad2
1	1	0
2	0	1
3	1	1
40	0	0

I get always this error message : "last estimates not found

, when I give this syntax:

. bootstrap "kap rad1 rad2" _se, reps(30) noisily size(39)

bootstrap: First call to (kap rad1 rad2) with data as is:

. kap rad1 rad2

Agreement   Agreement     Kappa   Std. Err.         Z      Prob>Z
  64.10%      49.90%     0.2835     0.1593       1.78      0.0376

last estimates not found

Where is my mistake ??

Alvine Bissery
-----Message d'origine-----
De: Agnès Sommet []
Date: mercredi 19 mars 2003 16:11
Objet: st: <aucun objet>

Hello Statalisters,

I'm trying to make a case-control study dataset from a larger dataset,  and
I'd like to match cases and controls with respect to categorical variables.
I was very interesting by the sttocc command, but I don't use survival-time
Is there a similar command to create a matched case-control dataset?
Can anyone help me?

Thank you

Agnes Sommet 
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