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RE: help [was: st: Re: saveold]

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: help [was: st: Re: saveold]
Date   Mon, 3 Nov 2003 18:15:41 -0000

Understood. In this case, you are not 
seeing -intercooled- as an option because
your Stata is not up-to-date. The 
help file for -saveold- on my system 
was last revised on 20 August 2003. 

Having the manual would not help here 
as the -intercooled- option is not 
documented under [R] save. 


1 Nobody's perfect. Stata Corp's 
extra option -intercooled- was not, 
it seems, documented until August. 
(I don't know when it was added.) 

2 -update-. Stata Corp try to fix 
such things, but you need to -update-
to benefit. 


edoardo masset
> When I type help saveold, I get the options below,i.e.
> the option 'intercooled' does not appear. The problem
> is I dont have the manuals with me, and I thought that
> displaying all options (including 'intercooled'), if
> this is possible, when typing 'help saveold' could be
> useful.
> Options
>     nolabel omits value labels from the saved dataset.
>  The associations between
>         variables and value label names, however, are
> saved along with the dataset
>         and variable labels.  It is unlikely that you
> will ever want to specify this
>         option.
>     replace permits save to overwrite an existing
> dataset.  replace may not be
>         abbreviated.
>     all is for use by programmers.  If specified,
> e(sample) will be saved with the
>         dataset.

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