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RE: st: RE: Stata Journal 3:2/simultaneous equatons

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: Stata Journal 3:2/simultaneous equatons
Date   Fri, 29 Aug 2003 12:29:14 +0100

Mark Schaffer quoted David Greenberg:

> I tried looking for this program by typing
> -findit cdsimeq-, and there was nothing there.

and said

> I had the same problem.

whereas Kit Baum said

> -findit cdsimeq- works fine; since this is part
> of a Stata Journal article, and Stata knows about
> all contents in SJ / STB, just use -findit- and
> click to install. This routine will not appear in SSC, since
> there is no need to duplicate the SJ link. The exception to that
> is when authors have updated their materials since they were
> in SJ / STB (and speaking as a member of the SJ editorial board,
> authors are kindly requested to submit notice of such revisions to
> which contains an Updates page).

To expand a little:

-findit- runs both -search- and -net search-. -search- will find
a reference to -cdsimeq- if, and only if, you have -update-d
your Stata sufficiently recently to have the appropriate files
on your machine. -net search- should find it anyway.


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