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st: New user...trying to use ADO file with SVR

From   kat jackson <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   st: New user...trying to use ADO file with SVR
Date   Tue, 19 Aug 2003 09:05:19 -0700 (PDT)

I am a beginner STATA user/programmer and have run
into problems when trying to use an ado file.
I want to use an ado file to work with -svrest-,
however I'm running into problems when it gets to the
ado file trying to run.
I've been submitting the -svrset- part first.  I then
try to submit the line
svrest "ml_try2", mat(e(b)) 
and here is where I run into problems.
Below you will find the code in my ado file.
---------  begin ml_try2.ado  ----------------
 program define mlcot
  version 8.1
  args lnf B0 B1 B2 sigma
  tempvar res
  quietly gen double `res' = logcot -
  quietly replace `lnf'=-0.5*ln(2*_pi) -ln(`sigma')
 ml model lf mlcot (B0:) (B1:) (B2:) (sigma:), robust
 ml search
 ml maximize
---------  end ml_try2.ado  -----------------
I get the following error:
  unrecognized command:  mlcot
  program mlcot not found
  error when command executed on original dataset
  invalid syntax
I don't know if there is something w/my ado file or
not.  I do want to point out that when I run the
program above by itself, I have no problems & get
results.  So I don't believe that there's anything
wrong with the coding to run the -ml- model.
One of the thoughts that I had was that maybe there
was something wrong about where I was storing
everything.  If anything needed to be in a certain
folder.  As of now, the ado file is found in
Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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