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st: Dialog FAQs

From (James Hassell)
Subject   st: Dialog FAQs
Date   Fri, 15 Aug 2003 13:30:52 -0500

Dear Statalisters,

In the past we have had requests for more documentation on how to
write Stata dialog boxes.  I am pleased to announce that two new sets
of FAQs have been posted on this topic.  We hope that you will find 
these helpful.

You can find the dialog FAQs here:

The first set of FAQs centers around basic dialog programming, and
builds up a set of examples.  We hope these will help programmers 
better understand the basic tools necessary for creating Stata 
dialog boxes.

Thomas Steichen contributed the second set of FAQs.  Their primary
purpose is to introduce guidelines for incorporating user written
dialogs into the Stata user community.   They also contain many 
helpful hints for writing better dialog code. If you write many
dialogs, you should definitely take a look at this set of FAQs, 
whether you intend to share your code or not.  Included in this
set, is a discussion about Stata menus and submenus.  
Thank you Thomas!

You will also find a previously posted set of FAQs which deal with
some more advanced topics on dialog programming.


James Hassell

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