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Re: st: Sorting/ranking Q from new user

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Subject   Re: st: Sorting/ranking Q from new user
Date   Fri, 1 Aug 2003 10:31:13 +0530 (IST)


For sorting in assending or descending order you can use "gsort" with "-" option.

*for example:
sort year in desending order
gsort - year

*This will create percentiles, you can choose your own number of groups.
*for ranking purpose:
by year:gen a=_n
bysort year: egen b=max(a)
gen percentile_year=((a/b)*100)

*for reporting summary statistics:
bysort percentile_year: summarize year

-Jayesh Kumar

#You wrote:
:(a) sort in ascending or descending order;
:(b) rank the sorted X into some specified number of groups;
:(c) report the mean of X (or some other statistic) by group.

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