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RE: st: RE: RE: looping through vectors

From   "Patrick Sturgis" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: RE: looping through vectors
Date   Wed, 28 May 2003 13:09:03 +0100

Yes, you're right, that solves half the problem. I've now switched the order
of the old and new variables. However, the 'if' command does not appear to
be working. How can I limit replacing of values to just those cases with a
specific value on a third variable? Thanks again for help,


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Sent: 28 May 2003 12:38
Subject: Re: st: RE: RE: looping through vectors


I think you're doing exactly the opposite of what you intended to do in the
3rd statement. You are copying the old values into the new ones (you
replace `new' with 'old')

At 13:12 28-5-2003, Patrick wrote:
>thanks for your help. I'm running your second option for irregular suffixes
>and, although I don't seem to be getting error messages, it isn't working.
>The first vector comprises variables:
>rpy204 rpy203 rpy199 rpy206 rpy210 rpy202 rpy014 rpy207 rpy209 rpy013
>rpy200 rpy018 rpy016 rpy017
>the second vector comprises:
>_rpy204 _rpy203 _rpy199 _rpy206_rpy210 _rpy202 _rpy014 _rpy207 _rpy209
>_rpy013 _rpy201 _rpy200 _rpy018 _ rpy016 _rpy017
>I have written the following code which produces the output as shown (note
>that I'm also including an if command as I only want to copy over values
>conditional on the value of additional variable). The values of the
>variables in the first vector (or set) remain uncyhanged when I tab them.
>Any ideas?
>. foreach v of var rpy* {
>2.         local new : subinstr local   v       "rpy"   "_rpy"
>3.         replace `new' = `v'
>4. } if show3 == 1

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