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st: RE: RE: out-of-date commands

From   "Giovanni Vecchi" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: out-of-date commands
Date   Mon, 3 Mar 2003 15:15:37 +0100

thank you very much for your reply.

I am not sure I understand the - grep - part of your email, though. What
does - grep - mean?

Also, I don't see the - tutorial - command in the list in your e-mail.
How can I be sure about whether it has been eliminated? Am I supposed to
check its entry in the Stata documentation? I've tried -findit totorial-
but have been unable to find a (however short) communication about its
disappearance. This makes me feel a bit puzzled. I am about to update my
class notes to account for the new release of Stata 8: the existence of
a document listing all out-of-date commands would save me the checking
of every single Stata 7 command I use in my notes before teaching... 


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[] On Behalf Of Nick Cox
Sent: Monday, March 03, 2003 2:47 PM
Subject: st: RE: out-of-date commands

Giovanni Vecchi
> Is anyone aware of a list of all Stata 7 commands which have become
> out-of-date in Stata 8?

Not as such. A few commands have been moved to undocumented:
see help on -undocumented-, although that help mostly
documents _new_ stuff intended for programmers,
and it is not comprehensive: many undocumented commands
are, indeed, undocumented.

"out-of-date" is much fuzzier than it may seem,
even focusing entirely on official Stata. Many
commands remain available under previous versions,
even if considered superseded or obsolete by Stata

However, a -grep- of the base help files produces
this (edited a bit):

chdir.hlp: chdir is an out-of-date command.
coxbase.hlp: coxbase, coxhaz, and coxvar are out-of-date
dbeta.hlp: This is an out-of-date command.
deff.hlp: deff is an out-of-date Stata command.
fit.hlp: This is an out-of-date command.
for.hlp: for is an out-of-date command as of Stata 8, but continues to
fsl.hlp: The fsl program is an out-of-date program as of Stata 7.0.
genrank.hlp: These commands are out-of-date.
gph.hlp:help for gph: (out-of-date command)
gprefs.hlp:help for gprefs (out-of-date command)
gr7axes.hlp:help for gr7axes (out-of-date command)
gr7bar.hlp:help for gr7bar (out-of-date command)
gr7box.hlp:help for gr7box (out-of-date command)
gr7color.hlp:help for gr7color (out-of-date command)
gr7hist.hlp:help for gr7hist (out-of-date command)
gr7matrix.hlp:help for gr7matrix (out-of-date command)
gr7oneway.hlp:help for gr7oneway (out-of-date command)
gr7other.hlp:help for gr7other (out-of-date command)
gr7pie.hlp:help for gr7pie (out-of-date command)
gr7star.hlp:help for gr7star (out-of-date command)
gr7sym.hlp:help for gr7sym (out-of-date command)
gr7twoway.hlp:help for gr7twoway (out-of-date command)
grebar.hlp:grebar is an out-of-date command
hreg.hlp:These are out-of-date commands.
leverage.hlp:leverage is an out-of-date command
mdytoe.hlp:These are out-of-date commands.
modify.hlp:modify is an out-of-date command
pd.hlp:Pipeline drivers  (Stata for Unix only) are now out-of-date
with Version 7.
remap.hlp:remap is an out-of-date command
repeat.hlp:repeat is an out-of-date command
survival.hlp:These are out-of-date commands.
teststd.hlp:teststd is an out-of-date command
webseek.hlp:webseek is an out-of-date command as of Stata 7.
xthausman.hlp:xthausman is an out-of-date command as of Stata 8.


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