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Re: st: Questions about Stata 8 SE under Windows

Subject   Re: st: Questions about Stata 8 SE under Windows
Date   Thu, 13 Feb 2003 17:02:18 -0600

"Sayer, Bryan" <> asked:

> 1.  Under the Prefs menu, there is a command to "Restore File Associations".
> Does this restore file associations TO Stata, or restore file associations
> to what they were BEFORE Stata took them over?

It restores file associations to Stata.

> 2.  When I first started Stata, I didn't have the review or variables
> windows, and the commands to move to those windows didn't bring them up.  I
> was able to get them from Load Windowing Preferences, and I saved them so
> now they are ok.  But are my other users going to have this problem?

Others have had similar problems but it has been fixed in an update.

> 4.  Where do I find what the User menus are supposed do?  I didn't have any
> luck in [GSW] which is where I expected it to be, and mine don't do
> anything.

It is briefly mentioned in the chapter 2 of the Getting Started manuals.  It's
probably documented in the Programming manual as well.  Anyway, it's where the
user-definable menus go and unless you add menus to it, it remains empty.

In previous versions of Stata, you could muck around with Stata's menus adding
and deleting menus and menu items at will.  This was a nightmare to implement
and support.  With Stata 8, we added a User menu and only allow you to add
menus and menu items to the User menu.  This is to prevent confusion with what
is and isn't officially part of Stata as well as simplify the whole procedure.

Ideally, a user would write an ado-file, write a dialog as an interface to the
ado-file, and then add a menu item to a User menu submenu so that they could
access the dialog from the menus.

-Chinh Nguyen
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