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st: question using xtivreg

From   Rebecca Wolfe <rwolfe@Princeton.EDU>
Subject   st: question using xtivreg
Date   Wed, 29 Jan 2003 14:35:18 -0500

i'm attempting to do a 2-level hierarchical regression in stata. at the
moment i'm a bit stumped since it seems as though stata tests my model
against the within error term rather than the between error term. i'm
wondering how to determine the significance level for my level 2

here's how i have set up the equation (i'm also a bit confused on how to
set the endogenous variables, so i may be doing this part wrong).

xtivreg options powdif equality blame (year ip = year ip), i(who) re

options is my dv
powdif, equality and blame are my predictors
year and ip are covariates
who is my subject identifier (i.e., within variable)

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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