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Re: st: stata website down

From   Jon Ebeling <>
Subject   Re: st: stata website down
Date   Sat, 25 Jan 2003 16:21:40 -0800

Say Pete:

thanks for letting us know about this. I was trying to log into the stata server and could not this morning, California time. Now I know why. Frankly, I'm a bit frightened about what you described as the worm for servers. We have a server here and I"m wondering if we might pick it up. Can you let, or someone, let us know when your ISP has cleaned up the problem? That would be helpf ul as I can then log back into the stata server to do some things about stata 7.

I will be loading stata8 but I have to find the time.

Thanks, again
jon ebeling

Pete Huckelba wrote:

The internet service provider that hosts has been experiencing
technical difficulties since the early morning, roughly 0400 CST. The problem
stems from a SQL Server worm affecting Microsoft servers. While the
server is not directly affected, our ISP has limited normal http traffic in an
effort to fix the problem and reduce the spread of the virus.

We are sorry about any inconvenience this may cause as it affects not only
NetCourse participants, but also those attempting to access net functions
within Stata, as well as those users attempting to access any of Stata's
websites in a browser.

More information about the worm can be read at


I just wanted to ask whether anybody else has got this problem. I am
trying to get onto the net course page but it seems to be down and has
been since this lunch time (UK time). Is there anyone I could email
about this?


Sophie Barthel

Pete Huckelba

Stata Corporation
4905 Lakeway Drive
College Station, TX 77845

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