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st: sum and product

From   "Rodrigo Briceņo" <>
To   "Statalist \(E-mail\)" <>
Subject   st: sum and product
Date   Mon, 9 Dec 2002 08:44:04 -0600

Hello stata listers

I need to make some calculations that are common for me, but utilizing
I have two variables (each with 300,000 observations): Number of discharges
and Relative Weight. I need to make this.

1. Multiply the number of discharges by the relative weight
2. Sum all these results obtained in 1.
3. Divide an amount of expenditures between this sum results (obtained in
2), so I can estimate the value of each of the relative points.

I never have been used Stata to perform arithmetic operations, so excuse me
if I look so dumb.



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