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st: LaTeX and tabulate

From   Ian Watson <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: LaTeX and tabulate
Date   Thu, 5 Dec 2002 18:33:55 +1100

Dear statalist,

  A while back I enquired about whether anyone knew of a way to get
  the results of a Stata <tabulate> command into LaTex syntax. There
  were some good suggestions on the list (thank you) but nothing that
  directly addressed this problem.

  So, I've now written <latab>, a program to directly produce LaTeX
  syntax for any tabulate output. It works similar to tabulate and at
  this stage displays all of the LaTex code on the screen, ready to be
  cut and pasted into a .tex document. Full details are explained in the
  help file (latab.hlp). (I'm working on an option to send the LaTeX
  code directly to a text file, instead of needing to be cut and
  pasted. I'll let the list know when that is ready.)

  Thanks to Kit Baum, both files (latab.ado and latab.hlp) are
  now available for download from the ssc archives, using:

  ssc install latab

  I've also uploaded them to my web page:
  (where <decomp> also lives).

  (By the way, anyone who tried to download from ssc archives the
  update to decomp - which now supports weighting - and did not get
  the latest version, should try again. The latest version is 1.4.)


Ian Watson
Senior Researcher
Australian Centre for Industrial
Relations Research and Training
University of Sydney

Phone: 02 9351 5622

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