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Re: st: RE: Suggestions on learning Perl

From (A.J. Rossini)
Subject   Re: st: RE: Suggestions on learning Perl
Date   27 Nov 2002 06:49:10 -0800

>>>>> "nick" == Nick Cox <> writes:

    nick> I have great admiration for Perl, and have 
    nick> used it a bit, but I have an offbeat suggestion
    nick> which real Perl experts will sniff at. 
    nick> They will say that what I am going to suggest 
    nick> has long since been superseded by Perl -- and they 
    nick> are in a sense totally right. 

    nick> Awk. 

Thanks Nick, that was a pleasant reminder. 

Throw in sed, cut, and a few more of the unix command-line file
munging tools, and you can do most of what you want.  

I greatly prefer python (which has its own wierd features, like
meaningful white space), but the question really boils down to user
preference whether one prefers small precision tools (awk/sed/cut/etc)
or huge swiss army knives (python/perl).

(I do believe that Perl has sed/awk act-a-likes, good for use on non
POSIX/unix command-line shells...).


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