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st: ivprob problem

From   Harald Seider <>
Subject   st: ivprob problem
Date   Wed, 20 Nov 2002 15:48:11 -0500

Dear Statalist,

when running Joe Harness's ivprob procedure I always get an error message (conformability error). I have no clue why this procedure won't work.
I have about 250.000 observations which might be an issue. However, the error will also show up if we reduce the number of observations down to a few hundred.
The next issue might be the fact that many of our variables are dummies (d*, transfer, diag* , dum*).
Has anyone out there faced a similar problem before and know a solution for it?

ivprob mort30 ,
exog(procptca d0* d1* d2* d3* d5* transfer
diagalkalos_x diagamisequ diagarterem diagasthma_x diagatheros
diagbbblk_x diagcardiomeg_x diagchf diagchrglom diagchrlive_x diagchrpulh_x
diagchrrena diagcnsdis diagcollvas diagcopd diagdbtcmp diagdbtuncm diagdeg2avb
diagdement diagepilep diagfractur diaggihemor diaghismali_x diaghrsecma
diaghtb diaghthrtf_x diaghyperli_x diagincorsy_x diaglrpmali_x diagmitvalv_x
diagnutri_x diagostarth_x diagothcva2 diagothvalv_x diagprcabg diagprevmi_x
diagpsychos diagshock_x diagsknulcr diagsyncop_x diagthyroid diagunstangina
iv (dum* pat3rad0to3 pat4rad3to7 pat7rad7to14 pat4rad14to18 pat4rad18to22 hosprad*) ;

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