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st: Wish List Re: Graphs

From   "Chris Wallace" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Wish List Re: Graphs
Date   Tue, 19 Nov 2002 10:55:40 +0000

>>> 19/11/02 01:31:56 >>>
I am sending this to the stata list because I use the Unix version in a
shared environment, and owing to many complexities I have not used the
graphics of stata.  But, I am thinking of buying a laptop and graphics
would be a consideration for statistical software purchases.  The laptop
may run Linux, I'm still thinkin', but the big question concerns effort.  
Before I invest great effort in learning how to use the graphics in stata,
maybe some set of people can confirm the wisdom of making the investment,
or warn me to look elsewhere for a solution to some graphic aims I have. I
also hope that this note will be of use to others.


I use stata under linux.  Most of what you're asking can probably be done right away or programmed under stata (not sure about no. 9 tho) - see Nick's post.

However, if you put linux on your laptop, you can also get gnuplot (not sure what other environments it runs under).  For making presentation-quality graphics, I often generate the data I want with stata, use -outfile- and then plot in gnuplot.

Using both these tools, I can generally make whatever graph I want.

hth, Chris

PS - if you do decide on linux, before you choose your laptop I recommend

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