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st: dstdize labels fix

From   "Colin M Fischbacher" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: dstdize labels fix
Date   Tue, 19 Nov 2002 08:55:04 -0000

I complained about the lack of labelling of -dstdize-'s output. Nick Cox
suggested the following:

>For the moment, the upstream fix is to -decode-:
>decode igt_stat, gen(sigt_stat)
>decode ethnic2, gen(sethnic2)
>dstdize diabz pop age_band sex, by(sethnic2 sigt_stat) using
>("D:\cmf\02 RESEARCH\misc\stats\ew1991.dta")
>That will improve things. You will still get truncation
>to (e.g) "South Asi".

Thanks very much for this. It works, solves my current problem and I
think would be useful for any user of dstdize. (I suppose a future wish
list might include full length labels but the main point is to be able
to read the output easily without having to refer back to value codes)

Dr Colin Fischbacher
Clinical Research Fellow
Public Health Sciences,
The Medical School, Teviot Place,
Edinburgh EH8 9AG

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