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st: RE: file wrote single opening quote

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   st: RE: file wrote single opening quote
Date   Mon, 18 Nov 2002 22:11:03 +0000

At 21:40 18/11/02 +0000, Nick Cox wrote (re Ulrich Kohler's comments):

All this doesn't stop me wanting, like
I guess all others in this thread, to
be able to specify within Stata that I
want to read a line of text from a
file and/or to write a line of text to a
file absolutely as is with no interpretation
of macros. That is, the desire is for something

file lread  handle [specs]

file lwrite handle [specs]

where -lread- and -lwrite- indicate something
like a _l_iteral read and write.

I don't know exactly how easy that is to
do, but it is easy to ask for.
Nick doesn't specify what -lread- is going to read the line to, if not to a macro, or what -lwrite- is going to write the line from, if not from a macro. Presumably, this would be specified in the [specs]. However, IMHO a macro is probably the best place to store a line, just as long as there is a way of accessing the value of a macro without quoting anything. I still think the way to go is probably something like the macro substring functions -lsubstr(localmacroname,startaddress,length)- and -gsubstr(glocalmacroname,startaddress,length)- that I proposed in a previous thread, together with corresponding extended macro functions of the same names, and probably an extended macro function for the length of a macro value. However, like Nick, I only know how easy these things are to ask for, not how easy they are for StataCorp to implement in Stata.


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