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st: xi generated varnames

From   Lars Korsholm <>
Subject   st: xi generated varnames
Date   Fri, 15 Nov 2002 15:20:53 +0100 (MET)


I want to get a hold on a xi generated variable
however depending on the length of the variable the structure of the xi
generated name differs. Any help

here follows my details:
the program take just one argument `stub' which indicate which set of
variables to run with

xi: regress `stub'_fu  dosis_F dosis_M i.dosis_gruppe|`stub'_bl,  robust
     di "* test of different baseline effekt in three treatment groups *"
     qui test  _IdosX`stub'_b_2= _IdosX`stub'_b_3, notest
     test  _IdosX`stub'_b_2= _IdosX`stub'_b_4, accum

I first worte and tejcked this program when `stub' was a three letter
combination and the the _Idos... worked fine
now I have a stub wiht five letters (extfat) which by xi gives variables
on the form  _IdosXextfa_2 etc
(note that the last "t" in extfat is choped off so even _IdosX`stub'_2
dont exist)

My real problem is that I have 4 dosis group. I want to test wheter the
`stub'_bl effect is the same in group 2,3,4 (excluding 1 (placebo))

Hope someone might help

Best lars

PS I have tried to 
xi: regress .... if dosis_group!=1 ...
but then `stub'_bl is excluded by stata
test _IdosX*
dont test the right hypothesis. Its test whether all effects are 0, not

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