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Re: st: RE: Re: RE: Utility for Changing Directories

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Re: RE: Utility for Changing Directories
Date   Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:32:39 +0000

Nick Cox  wrote
> I have never heard of c.ado. -findit c- just finds too many
> false positives to cast light on this.

For information. I have written c.ado some years ago in order to have a 
pocket-calculator with memory function and access to Statas internal results. 
I never thougt the programm to be of general interest and therefore not give 
it to the SSC-Archive. But I indeed made it accessible to collegues/friends 
thru my personal/experimental/not of general interest-ado-download directory 
on, were Don Spady might have found 
c.ado due to some reason. 

When I programmed c.ado there was no other program around which called c.ado. 
But as I don't made the name public, Nick Winter used the same name for 
another program. Unfortunately I have no idea how to avoid such name 
conflicts without either

  a) disallow to make experimental stuff accessible on the internet

  b) forcing all user to make even experimental stuff accessible via the      

Personally I would prefer to live with some name conflicts. 

Clearly Nick Winters c.ado is more "official" than my c.ado. I recommend 
to copy the calculator STBPLUS/c/c.* to PERSONAL/myc.*. Afterwards uninstall 
c.ado and install Nick Winters c.ado via -net install-. I also will change 
the name of my c.ado on my site.



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