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st: new IDEAS under construction

From   baum <>
To   StataList <>
Subject   st: new IDEAS under construction
Date   Sat, 26 Oct 2002 13:33:20 -0400

The IDEAS RePEc service is in the process of migrating south from Montreal (UQAM) to the University of Connecticut. Please zap any bookmarks you have to the site, since it will soon be shut down. Although there should be a redirect, it will be more efficient if you set a bookmark for the new address:

at which the first page of the SSC listings now appears as

The search facilities are still being debugged. As always, 'findit' within Stata is also a good way to search SSC.

Please also note (especially for Eastern Hemisphere users) that EconPapers contains the same data for the SSC archive, accessible at

Also please note that Stata's access to SSC does not depend upon either of these services. Its 'ssc' command accesses the archive directly, and only depends on the Boston College machines upon which those files reside.

* For searches and help try:

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