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Re: st: string value labels

From   Laurel A Copeland <>
Subject   Re: st: string value labels
Date   Wed, 23 Oct 2002 09:41:37 -0400

Hi Dick!

Did you check out this program ?
I think Stata has automated the process for you.

Man, it's been busy here. I have a little survey project (Post-911) that is in the mail-out phase (4 mailings, 2 sites). One of our key data analysts developed a liver problem and has been horribly sick for 5 weeks, so I've picked up some of her tasks -- stuff I don't know how to do so it's extra time-consuming, plus the address-pull she was going to do for the Post-911 survey we had to figure out on our own, not quite correctly as it turns out, but it had the net result of separating the mailing schedules of my 2 sites, so ... 8 mailings. (My other site in NYC.) Agh.

My son (Derek ) is applying to colleges so I've been inputting his forms online. Rather a slow business! Our home computers have issues with the internet, so to speak. Still, I am very glad he is applying to several schools (WMU, MSU, UM -- wants to be in Michigan!).

Maria is having me look at some hospice data, for analysis at county level. I really need to learn something about this aggregate-level analysis. It's a swim upriver.

A job at UNH, where my dad taught for 30 years, has opened up -- 2 actually, one for "Public Health Faculty" and one for "Health Management Faculty." Zeber is in Health Mngt...they could take us both! It'd be nice to be in New England. Unless you have a couple of jobs out there in Washington?

Today is sunny and lovely (40's). Hope you are well!

At 06:02 AM 10/23/2002 -0700, you wrote:

I have a list of ICD9 and ICD10 codes which are strings

which are assigned in another stat program as follows,

format icd
'R233'='Spontaneous ecchymoses'
'R234'='Changes in skin texture'
'R238'='oth unspec skin changes'
'R25' ='Abnorm involuntary movements'
'R250'='Abnorm head movements'
'R251'='Tremor, unspec'
'R252'='Cramp, spasm'
thousnads more ...

and I would like to make
label define icd R233  "Spontaneous ecchymoses"
label define icd R234  "Changes in skin texture"
label define icd R238  "oth unspec skin changes"
label define icd R25   "Abnorm involuntary movements"
label define icd R250  "Abnorm head movements"
so that eventually when I do some descriptive statistics I will get results
using label values that gave the disease name and not the code.

But as I read the help on label define, the codes must be numbers. How can
one make value labels in Stata where the values are strings and not
integers? I have used encode to change the string variable to a number, but
.. how do I get a value label associated with it?


Richard Hoskins
WA State Dept of Health
Olympia, WA USA

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